Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Job Search 101: 30 Days to Your Dream Job Day 2

How to Create a Brand Statement that really works on Day 2 of how to find your dream job in 30 days.  The link to guide you on Day 2 Create a Branding Statement 

It feels like Day 2 happens one time / month so I expect to revise my brand statement every month for 12 months out of the year.  This month I used the 10 steps outlined in the article by Scott Ginsberg, 10 Good Ways to ‘Tell Me About Yourself’ to rewrite my brand statement.

The keywords used to target your resume are important since they represent your skills and achievements in words that are familiar to the company or group you want to connect.  The keywords should be similar to those used by the employer to describe the company culture, products, services and the actual job description.  When your keywords match the company's keywords you are more likely to connect to dream job.

Envision you own your own company and choose keywords that describe you.  The keywords are used in your brand statement, biography and your professional profile.

10 Questions that guide you to writing that brand statement.

1. Three Keywords About My Business: Smart - Enthusiastic - Focused  
2. This month's Quote:  "Believe you can and you're halfway there."

3. My Philosophy:  Important to Make Plans But be Flexible.

4. About Me: I am energetic, like to take charge.

5. Google Search:  My online presence is just very very real.

6. My passions - be active, find adventure and continue trying to reach your goals.

7. If you are always learning make sure you connect with An Expert.

8. Lead by Example - Discover what people want, Take action and Prove you are credible.

9. ! is Today's Compliment.

10. Brand Statement:   Smart enthusiastic, great career potential focused on connecting to the right people. Looking for brief online or phone interviews fixed on returning to work.

By making a list of the keywords you used you can begin to understand your brand.  I asked myself if my keywords where on target with professional image.

My Keywords:
      Smart                  Enthusiastic                     Focused
      Strategy              Flexible (agility)              Energetic
      Manage              Team Leader                     Presence
      Passion               Action Oriented                Adventure
      Goal Oriented     Lifelong Learning       
      Credible              Acheivement
      Potential             Focused