Sunday, August 16, 2015

GoLoco: Carpooling Meets Social Networking

I was questioning if I could investigate ways to connect to car pooling instead of using public transportation.  When driving to other states to visit family and friends what is the best mode of transportation?

Robin Chase has built an online community that has provided the opportunity to carpool.  I have yet to meet Robin Chase or use this online platform, but plan to connect online to learn more about her life and her work.

Slowing climate change is a positive outcome of creating carpooling or ride shares communities.  The result is the reduction the use of fossil fuels.  The use of fossil fuels for transportation is the second largest emission of  CO2 .  Knowing that burning fossil fuels produces CO2 emissions how is it removed from the atmosphere?  The CO2 is removed from the atmosphere by natural processes that tend to keep it in balance.   The gas exchanges with the atmosphere, ocean and land surface through microorganisms, plants and animals.

Friday, August 14, 2015

REVIEW of the IEEE RESUME LAB - My first Website

Personal Website - Judy Kilday

The IEEE Resume Lab is a great tool for organizing your professional information. 

Uploading Resumes and cover letters is easy.  It provides the ability to create a personal website which can be sent to employers. 

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Getting There : A Book of Mentors

Why read a book on how others are 'getting there' unless you want to learn how to DIY.  The interesting thing about the book were a short list of pearls following each person's story.  The anecdotes are real and alive. But the pearls are what you want hold on to. 

The book Getting There may just be a way to keep you pointed towards the corner office.  Maybe these real life characters have sought after mentorship roles. They jump at the chance for others to learn from their experience.  Another way to develop personal credibility as a quality skill.

Don't expect success to be without challenges.  Struggling through the challenges, expect good mentors to look for teachable moments.  Times when teaching and learning just click.  

The fallacy of this struggle-free perception of success, like pearls often suggest we do things we have a passion for,  not to allow rejection to deter you, and  see failure as open door.   Be open to new ideas, and take action.


Developing Leadership Skills

To some degree or another everyone has  learned about being a leader.  The skills you need to develop leadership are taking initiative, being adaptable, intelligence, and being conscientious.

The dictionary lists synonyms and antonyms for conscientious


Friday, August 7, 2015

Getting Referrals Guarantees You An Interview

The story goes like this, getting an interview is not easy.  If you ask for an employment referral to a company the chances of getting an interview increase to 100%.

Asking for a referral is important.  The first step is to decide where you want to work. Then networking within the community to find other employees you know.

Ask them if they want to participate in the employee referral program.  Can they refer you for work.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

INCREASE INCOME: Explore ways using the Sharing Economy

Make Money
The “sharing economy,” built around the sharing of human and physical resources. The shift is away from ownership and gives people the ability to share access to products and services.  This is not a new idea, actually Craigslist is one of the first websites to adapt this concept.
If you own a car, develop a collective collabrative network of friends willing to share the car.  You leave the idea of ownership behind you and move into the idea of sharing.  Exploring ways to increase income, you can rent your car out if when you travel using airflight. The car sits in the airport parking lot.  It sits in the parking lot while you work, or in the park-in-ride if you commute, or in your driveway if you work at home. While you are sleeping it is can be rented as well.
FlightCar lets people parking at the airport rent out their vehicles while they’re traveling so plan ahead before you get on the plane. Someone can use your car while you are traveling.
Uber and Craigslist are part of the sharing economy. Uber-X competes with the cab companies, and if you have free time you can give someone a lift for cash.  
Baro’s platform gives you a way to easily exchange money for borrowing and lending things.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

MUSK Foundation - SolarCity's Residential Program

Believe in a Better Way

Upgrade to Solar energy at Solar City's Expense

Solar City’s Residential Program saves you money, helps contribute to a cleaner planet for future generations,  and provides more affordable energy.

Pay for power produced each month at lower predictable rates. 

Sign up for a free solar consultation here: