Wednesday, July 22, 2015

INCREASE INCOME: Explore ways using the Sharing Economy

Make Money
The “sharing economy,” built around the sharing of human and physical resources. The shift is away from ownership and gives people the ability to share access to products and services.  This is not a new idea, actually Craigslist is one of the first websites to adapt this concept.
If you own a car, develop a collective collabrative network of friends willing to share the car.  You leave the idea of ownership behind you and move into the idea of sharing.  Exploring ways to increase income, you can rent your car out if when you travel using airflight. The car sits in the airport parking lot.  It sits in the parking lot while you work, or in the park-in-ride if you commute, or in your driveway if you work at home. While you are sleeping it is can be rented as well.
FlightCar lets people parking at the airport rent out their vehicles while they’re traveling so plan ahead before you get on the plane. Someone can use your car while you are traveling.
Uber and Craigslist are part of the sharing economy. Uber-X competes with the cab companies, and if you have free time you can give someone a lift for cash.  
Baro’s platform gives you a way to easily exchange money for borrowing and lending things.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

MUSK Foundation - SolarCity's Residential Program

Believe in a Better Way

Upgrade to Solar energy at Solar City's Expense

Solar City’s Residential Program saves you money, helps contribute to a cleaner planet for future generations,  and provides more affordable energy.

Pay for power produced each month at lower predictable rates. 

Sign up for a free solar consultation here:

Alternative Transportation: and THE BIKE RESCUE

Without wheels it is hard to get to work.  An alternative to driving a car is riding a bike.  The Bike Rescue definitely rescued me by providing me with knowledge of DIY bike repair.  My involvement with the bike rescue started before Occupy Wall Street began September 17, 2011.   It is a long story but I did not find a job after finishing a graduate degree at RPI in December 2001.  So I tried sending out as many online applications.  After that did not work,  I listened to all the webinars on networking, job search and professional development. 

One solution was to re-educate so I signed on business school to learn more about business starting in 2008.  I did believe that getting university degrees guaranteed I would be wealthy and I would always have a job.  Never thought I would not be able to pay my debt.   So to make a long story short getting a bike and being able to fix it economically was very important to my life. 

Now after completing business school, I found that it was mandatory that I have a working car.  I was fortunate to find the organization:  Working Cars for Working Families.  This organization that the lack of a car does not stand in the way of families’ ability to become economically successful.  And that is about me!  A person like myself has to become economically successful -- and nothing can get in the way or the American dream has failed.

Finding People to Recommend you for Work can be a Challenge

Looking for a job?

Ideally, create a list of people inside the company that can influence the hiring decision. By building relationships within the network to help you with recommendations.  For most positions you need 3 letters from professional contact list and two from a personal contact list.

Along the way, most job seekers learn about the ins and outs of the hidden job market.  The goal is to land your resume on the hiring managers desk.  That is the first step, after which you need to recommendations that confirm you can do the work, and that you fit to work for the organization.

Is there really an etiquette for getting a letter of recommendation?  Rob Candler thinks so and has written an article on the subject;

The networking with a purpose is key to finding the right people and the right environment to connect with others who take an interest in your success.  This is a two way street, and interest goes both ways.

Mission: Learn to Innovate

People have been innovating for a zillion years.
Learning how to innovate is a topic I read about in IEEE Spectrum.
One key to being good at innovating is to reflect on the history and past technologies.
Talking and reading about the history of technology.
As well as trying it on for yourself.

How effectively you reflect, how opening you discuss, and how well you connect with experts for advice will lead you in the right direction.

THE CONFIDENCE CODE for a summer read

Summer Reading is SWE Book Club's Goal
Do I believe I can achieve my goals?
Do I believe I will find success?

Quote:  We’re so excited The Confidence Code was named in TIME Magazine’s Best Negotiation Books for 2015!

The Confidence Code is about building self-esteem.  The easiest way is to work towards your goals, and see them satisfied.  The simple idea of having confidence, knowing you are competent and showcasing work or having evidence of your ability.  Taking steps to become recognized for your work.

The definition of competence is the ability to do something successfully or efficiently.
A second definition of competence is having an income large enough to live on, typically unearned.

Both are up for discussion.

Confidence in Acheiving Your Goals - Assess Your Learning - In the Classroom @SAGE

The basic understanding of the importance of a self-assessment will answer the question,  how well do I understand the theory and practise of a working organization.   My success depends on my ability to work within an organizational framework "the classroom" given a multi-disciplined population and multi-cultural community.  The real life analogy becomes our experience in the classroom, our learning the culture of the college, and the successful completion of book work and assignments.  The ultimate measure requires building a collaborative network while we work towards the completion of  "The Project RUNWAY".

I am required to understand the standards that define successful operation of the individual, the group and the organization. 
I am required to learn the history and the evolution of the organization. 
I am required to learn the structures and  strategies that made organizations work through the Industrial Age and up to the modern Information Age. 
I am required to understand that success is a life-long effort requiring planning, communication and commitment.

Our worldly education prepares for the proper running of daily operations of the organization.   Our efforts to ensure finanical strength and security through the generation of revenues act to sustain our community.  The future potential for earning satisfies our basic needs, ensuring our existance in society.  

Self-assessment requires a realistic image of your performance compared to the standard set by the other members of the group.  In real life terms, rank is often dependent on finanical gains, plus the measure of potential earnings combined with a degree of human satisfaction.  In this case the future earnings are determined by the level of learning, performance and social interactions during projects. 
The individual performance is measured based on class attendance.
The individual performance requires understanding the theory and assignments.
The individual performance requires successful completion of tasks and assignments.
The group performance requires collaboration.
The group performance requires responsibly working to meet project deadlines.
The group performance requires the persistance to work under pressure.
The organizations performance is the overall class performance.
The organizations performance requires the coordination and completion of "The Project Runway".
Each individual, group, organization, or set of organizations constitute parts of a whole system. 
When we consider our world from the viewpoint of  becoming an expert in field of  organizational behavior,

I understand that everything is a organization and nothing is an organization. 
I understand that the self-interests and need for self-preservation are primary motives that underline individual , group or an organizations behavior. 
I understand that the self is a universal term across the set of all potential forms of organizational perspective. 

The inital reaction of one not well versed in organizational behavior, is from a limited viewpoint.  The structures and stragegies we know have been shaped by our past training.  The reality is to assess why we are here, and what we need to experience to get our desires fulfilled.  Unconsciously we are continually assessing our situation, setting goals and adjusting behaviors in accordance with the fundamental desire succeed.   

The goal of this My values may determine how I approach the problem of self-evaluation, bias my decisions, and more importantly create my future.
essay is to
To produce an honest self assessment
To understand the individual as an organization began as self-examination of the personal values. 

To set the achievement standards or goals. 
Leader Values gives some information about self-assessment in relation to the 4Es, envision, enable, empower and energize. 

The daily journal provides a roadmap and can be used to frame the performance assessment.   
It is meant to give direction, that helps focus the daily performance efforts on a set of GOALS. 
Contined use of a journal helps set realistic expections.
The  the schedules and deadlines for the learning assignments. 
Envisioning the future through setting realistic short and long term goals.
The focus of the self-assessment has to be based on the personal and professional values assigned. The questions range from:  Is your goal focused on leadership?  Is your goal to foster collaboration?  Is your goal to rank yourself in comparison to other members of a class or organization?  Are you working against university standards?   Are you a learner or are do you consider yourself to be an expert?
Business management requires we adapt the values of the organization.  In more general terms, leadership skills begin with learning about our potential to adapt to the values by framing to the 4Es.  The 4Es are envision, enable, empower, and energize.    The examination of the real self in relationship to the ideal self is an assessment that requires the comparison between the real goals and the ideal goals to achieve perform effectively. The motives and abilities are examined and in some instances we consider our sense of self-responsibility and desire to gain power and influence in a community. 
During a self- assessment, our methods must adjust the gap between our ideal vision and the real vision of the self.  The goal is to ENVISION the future, which implies we set strategies that lead us to meet the goals within a realistic time frame.  Small steps help us work through tough situations, enable change in personal style and bring us in harmony with the values.   Set the goal to ensure the gain of competitive advantage requires realistic evaluation of our immediate talents and abilities.  Goal setting will determine where we end up in the future.  Potential for gaining leadership depends on how we define ourselves today and in the future.
ENABLE the process by finding methods that bring the means to the end. 
The proper use of tools that accomplish tasks are designed to meet the goals.  Building skills that enhance our abilities and refine our motives help with defining clear goals that align with the ultimate objective.    Time management and lifestyle preferences structure our lives. The work-life balance improves productivity, and maximizes long-term satisfaction.  Taking time to form the network, and learning to listen is key to building influence.  Networking can make opportunities, gain mutual respect and foster collaboration.
EMPOWER the community to influence by forming professional friends that work together to build success.  The group agrees to a common goal, since they share values.   Learn to rely on others; each person has special contributions to make to a project or team, since individual talents may vary considerably.  Freedom from excess control can spur innovation.  Releasing the desire to control situations requires good listening, and willingness to accept change.\
Breathing life into projects, ideas or an organization requires proper use of feedback.  Accepting feedback in all forms helps us evaluate situations and decision making processes.  Evaluation of feedback speeds up the process since studying how decision-making relates to behavior.  Stalling on decisions can cause missed opportunities and extend the inevitable.   ENERGIZE positive emotions and optimistic attitudes to stay motivated, and get protection from damage of doubt and adversity.  Game play and risk create a challenge.

To create an organized plan or strategy.  To begin to predict the
Finding the right framework to set goals, evaluate decisions, and study behaviors begins with honest self appraisal

Thursday, July 2, 2015

GETAROUND: Active owners earn $10,000 per year per car.

I need a car, so got on the website:  Free Charity Cars.  I started by sharing my profile and making friends.  I began blogging about cars, the future of the driverless cars, and the way the driver less cars work.

At the same time I am looking for ways to earn more money.  Is it possible to actual share your vehicle and make money at the same time?
Earn more money by embracing the culture of the sharing economy.
The Sharing Economy is a socio-economic ecosystem built around the sharing of human and physical resources. It includes the shared creation, production, distribution, trade and consumption of goods and services by different people and organisations.
See GETAROUND the online website that helps car owners make thousands per year sharing their car with a trusted community.