Thursday, September 1, 2016

30 Days to your Dream Job Day 5: Make Sure Employers Can Find You

Day 5:  Make Sure Employers Can Find You

Better yet, the keywords are important is true, but the experts suggest that updating your profiles on three career websites every day makes it easier for employers to find you!  The websites are LinkedIN, Monster Career Website, and Capital Area Help Wanted.  This is a time investment of  less than an hour a day.  An early morning habit that may bring you success in improving your network.

How to choose keywords that are tailored to the audience you want to attract?  What is your chosen field and what keywords are of value to your profession.  HR is more interested in fitting you in their  corporate culture so find those keywords on the company website.   That passes your profile through HR to the hiring manager.  Hiring managers are interested in finding keywords listed in the job description since your skills and achievements need to match what they need to satisfy the job requirements.

Setting up your resume, or online profile to fill achievement gaps.  Achievement gaps may reflect what skills you are updating, and give information about your most recent accomplishments.

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