Thursday, August 13, 2015

Getting There : A Book of Mentors

Why read a book on how others are 'getting there' unless you want to learn how to DIY.  The interesting thing about the book were a short list of pearls following each person's story.  The anecdotes are real and alive. But the pearls are what you want hold on to. 

The book Getting There may just be a way to keep you pointed towards the corner office.  Maybe these real life characters have sought after mentorship roles. They jump at the chance for others to learn from their experience.  Another way to develop personal credibility as a quality skill.

Don't expect success to be without challenges.  Struggling through the challenges, expect good mentors to look for teachable moments.  Times when teaching and learning just click.  

The fallacy of this struggle-free perception of success, like pearls often suggest we do things we have a passion for,  not to allow rejection to deter you, and  see failure as open door.   Be open to new ideas, and take action.


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