Thursday, January 30, 2014

Build Your Own Website (Free)

The website is full of useful information. I have found it a valuable resource and rely on it frequently for general information about "anything" I need to learn about quickly. From What Free Website Service Is the Best? They suggest Reviewing the options (1) Blogger: A free blogging service (2) WordPress: A blogging tool and publishing platform TVCOG make space had a workshop on WordPress. (3) Google Sites: A web page publishing tool. (4) Tumblr: A microblogging platform for multimedia-rich content The URL will read:,, or TRY WEEBLY Weebly offers a free online website creator so I thought I would try it. I started and closed after I could not upload my business logo so it matched the background. I did decide to try this free website creator since it also offers blogging and e-Commerce. It supports paypal. Comparison of free web hosting services is a great wiki to read before spending lots of your time on creating a versatile website with e-Commerce features. Well how did Weebly measure up? ONLINE MONEY TRANSFERS Paypal is the gold standard for e-Commerce transactions. With one catch, it can not load money to a prepaid Credit Card. Macy's and IEEE both do not accept paypal as a method of payment. A fix for this is MoneyGram. Weebly supports basic features for blogging and e-Commerce. Site owners can develop simple stores with payments through either PayPal or Stripe

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