Wednesday, January 29, 2014

LEDs to brighten Palace, save cash

National Grid grant helps pay for new bulbs By Eric Anderson Published 8:03 pm, Thursday, December 19, 2013 The Palace is embarking on a project to replace 8,000 bulbs throughout the theater, many of them energy-hungry incandescents, with the LED fixtures. National Grid provided a $70,000 grant to help pay for the move, which is expected to cut the Palace's electric bill by 30 percent, or about $31,500 annually. "This project will have paid for itself in less than two years," said Ron Semp of Rise Engineering, which works with National Grid on energy efficiency projects. The theater will realize savings "just (on) the manpower alone," said Holly Brown, the theater's executive director. "Some of the spots in this theater are extremely challenging to get to." National Grid offers grants to small businesses to help them save energy. Funding comes through what's known as a system benefits charge on ratepayers' utility bills. The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority offers similar grants.

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