Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Essay II: How to solve your Economic Problems

Why write about focusing your attention, on learning to use humor, and the need to make emotional connections? How does practical wisdom and the proper use of humor, help with solving life’s problems?  Use humor to focus your own attention and make emotional connections with others.  

When something seems wrong, it is time to reflect on your life and your journey.  So when something really seems wrong, almost enough for loud complaining, start writing in your daily diary. 

Loud complaining is frowned upon or even not allowed, especially in libraries.   All the signs say SHUSH …..  Please be Quiet.  So if you are in a library the best solution is not to complain out loud, leave and travel to a place where you can complain as much as you want.  Even do a primal scream if you think it will help.

I was in the Union College Library and the golden tongue wisdom spoke to me through the staff.  I called my lawyer who represented me in court on a landlord – tenant disagreement.  Immediately the librarian approached me and told me I was talking too loud on the phone.  I continued my conversation, and another minute went by, he approached me again and told me to lower my voice.  What was the message?  It was SHUSH … I am very annoyed and bothered by hearing your voice.  Gaining perspective and having conflict and mediation training at business school I was wise enough to apologize and agree … my voice need to be softer.  I definitely felt embarrassed and by the way he approached me I knew I was not on dean’s list this semester.  Since I wanted to put some of my leisure reading to good use, “Leading with Humor” in Harvard Business Review came to mind.  Using humor to make an emotional connection with the librarian, by giving him a tickle during the exam cram period, would have been the best solution.  Was this a humorous situation or a not humorous situation? 

The volunteer experience
So I wanted to turn my volunteer work into something more useful in an effort to solve my economic problems.  Today I use the word useful, as I adopt a need for practical wisdom.  My practical wisdom tells me that economic problems are solved first by increasing income or simply adopting habits of good decision making and right actions to reach economic solutions.  The application of phronesis boils down to using common sense.    Time spent on getting the right education and getting more than several practical degrees, I finally realize that I just need people smarts and common sense. 

Goal:  Clear all obstacles to finding a source of income or getting a job.
Priorities:  All tasks are directed at meeting that goal.
Take Note Any Obstacles:  Best to view your new job as task leader towards project completion.  Set priorities see the practical use of your efforts and acknowledge success

Phronesis –           The Habits that enable you to
      Make the Right decisions
                                Take the Right actions
                                Relentless pursuit of excellence

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