Friday, September 25, 2015

Peer to Peer Car Sharing Websites helps Build Trust in a Community

Sharing the ownership of cars is different than what we are used to today.  One car per family or a car in every garage is what the Ford's sold us back in the 1920's.  In the sharing economy, the car is shared in a community of users. People are not limited by the need to own their own car. They can pay for the use of a car which makes the rental more affordable. Car sharing is all about ordinary people renting their cars, so they relinquish sole ownership and let the cars work for them, so they can earn money when they are idle.
Technology provides the benefit of connecting us to resources by searching online, but the benefits of car sharing is not only economic, it helps people build trust in community.   What are the responsibilities of renting a car in a community of people who want to share the resource? Obviously trust comes into play, is about keeping commitment, driving safe and sticking to a time schedule. This credibility within a community is established over time and repeated use of the car.  
There may be a need for additional liability insurance to cover for accidents involving other cars and drivers not just themselves.

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