Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Getting A Ride, Renting a Room, & Selling Your Clothes ....

Today I ride the bus and it often takes more time to get to the destination than I want to give.  One good thing about riding on the bus is that I have time to do other things.  I can make phone calls and finish my day's work by writing in my journal.  I can read a book, knit or I can read a professional journal.  I can do things that I don't have time to do at home.  Otherwise I can spend time organizing my thoughts or just meeting other bus riders.

But all joking aside I rather be riding in a brand new car.  I did see a sign for Car Angels, it advertised a chance to get a car and posted a phone number.  I came up with Free Charity Car website which is a website designed as a social networking website.  Many activities are required before you can complete all the requirements.  Learn flickr and set up a youtube account, connect to three social media sites, and work on writing blogs.  And promoting the website by inviting other people to join the group. 

I wanted to focus on how to earn money, and finally started blogging about the sharing economy, sharing cars, sharing living spaces, Airbnb, and working creative ways to increase my monthly income. 

Once I get my free charity car, I want to earn money by sharing ownership.  Maybe I will investigate UBER and become a cab driver when I have free time.
Here are some interesting car sharing, sharing economy websites to get introduced to.  Read about these websites, try them out and comment on your experience. 

P2P sharing sites are ZipCars RelayRides or JustShareIt.

Car Sharing Services

ZipCar (cars)
RelayRides (cars)
Poshmark (sell your clothing)
CouchSurfing (rent a room)
Feastly (dine in someone else's home)

Breather, Honest Buildings, Instructables (sold to Autodesk), Makani Power (sold to Google), OpenRov, OtherMill, RelayRides, Ridepal, Sidecar, Science Exchange, Scoot Networks, Solar Mosaic, Squidoo, TaskRabbit, Vayable and Yerdle.

Entrepreneurs are directing teams and funds to build platforms and services like Uber, Lyft, BlaBlaCar, SocialCar, RelayRides, Food Assembly, Solar Mosaic, Provenance, Honest Buildings, Just Park, Neighborly, OpenRov, La Zooz and City Mapper.

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