Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Get Out of Debt, Manage your Credit, and find Financial Freedom

The group I am working to form includes anyone that is interested in getting out of debt.  I have met many talented women who have college education and are really broke financially. I was surprised less, I suspect it is more common to find educated people without work.

My solution was to by a book and audio CD set that outlines 47 fundamental principles that teach the people how to get out of debt.  The book is published by the founders of life leadership company.  The financial fitness program seems to be a guide that helps teach how to build your income, get out of debt and prosper in any economy.  The group states you will be out of debt within 2 years, after learning to follow the principles outlined in the Financial Fitness program.

I read about the Corinthians 15, a group of people who had graduated from college and needed to pay off student loans but did not have adequate income to meet their financial obligation.  I wanted to learn more about their story of how they unified together to work out this problem.

The movement started August 28, 2015 around the movie The War Room did not seem to materialize in Schenectady NY.  Or if it did, I did not find the group announced anywhere.

Anyone Interested in Learning more about Getting Out of Debt?

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