Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Finding People to Recommend you for Work can be a Challenge

Looking for a job?

Ideally, create a list of people inside the company that can influence the hiring decision. By building relationships within the network to help you with recommendations.  For most positions you need 3 letters from professional contact list and two from a personal contact list.

Along the way, most job seekers learn about the ins and outs of the hidden job market.  The goal is to land your resume on the hiring managers desk.  That is the first step, after which you need to recommendations that confirm you can do the work, and that you fit to work for the organization.

Is there really an etiquette for getting a letter of recommendation?  Rob Candler thinks so and has written an article on the subject;

The networking with a purpose is key to finding the right people and the right environment to connect with others who take an interest in your success.  This is a two way street, and interest goes both ways.

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