Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Alternative Transportation: and THE BIKE RESCUE

Without wheels it is hard to get to work.  An alternative to driving a car is riding a bike.  The Bike Rescue definitely rescued me by providing me with knowledge of DIY bike repair.  My involvement with the bike rescue started before Occupy Wall Street began September 17, 2011.   It is a long story but I did not find a job after finishing a graduate degree at RPI in December 2001.  So I tried sending out as many online applications.  After that did not work,  I listened to all the webinars on networking, job search and professional development. 

One solution was to re-educate so I signed on business school to learn more about business starting in 2008.  I did believe that getting university degrees guaranteed I would be wealthy and I would always have a job.  Never thought I would not be able to pay my debt.   So to make a long story short getting a bike and being able to fix it economically was very important to my life. 

Now after completing business school, I found that it was mandatory that I have a working car.  I was fortunate to find the organization:  Working Cars for Working Families.  This organization that the lack of a car does not stand in the way of families’ ability to become economically successful.  And that is about me!  A person like myself has to become economically successful -- and nothing can get in the way or the American dream has failed.

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